*Sigh* too much bordem

2009-08-22 14:46:27 by UploaderX

Hello everyone, I haven't went on newgrounds for about 2 months, It was boring and pretty pointless, and too many things to do while I haven't started school yet.
I am most likely procrastinating with my own purposes, and making animations with flash,and pivot :/.

Current Animations

2009-07-17 23:11:55 by UploaderX

Yes, I am making a animation and I got 2 already called.....
- 922
- No sound

which one should I start first with, I get confused sometimes with these minor problems.

And I just created a DeviartArt on tuesday like a website here:
For upcoming animations, Art, and some tests from my animations cause I recently just started flash.


The Power of 3 Team

2009-05-21 22:42:23 by UploaderX

Hello the Power the 3 I need a team now All I need is....
-2 programmers
-1 or 2 Artist
-3 story writers
-5 Alpha/Beta Testers (after Finshed Game)
-1 Musicians
-2 Leaders

I hope I get any just comment or PM me

Therad of PO3

The Power of 3 Team

Working on A game or movie

2009-05-13 21:52:18 by UploaderX

I am working on a movie or a game called the red button that Im still working on so still wait for my first move OR game that Im making that putting to Mochi,NG and other game places.

Working on A game or movie

Pico Day 2009!

2009-04-25 11:40:27 by UploaderX

Hey Guys i am new to Newgrounds.On Pico Day I cant Wait to make my animation From the Preloader.I dont now what animation I making today I might think about it you Should Join Pico Day Now!

Click Here for thread


Mini poll:
Will you make an animation for Pico day 2009?
c) Not sure

Pico Day 2009!